ICOT - Our Mission


ICOT's mission is to positively impact otologic disease and global deafness in the developing world through education.


The founder's vision was to employ an educational pyramid to exponentially impact the management of otologic diseases and deafness in the developing world, where these problems have immense scope and yet little to no formal educational structure to address them.

ENT corporate support was solicited to sponsor "intake" educational programs given in the United States for selected young otologists from the developing world. The intake courses involve intensive didactic lecture series by renowned neurologists from the United States and abroad, in addition to a hands on temporal bone dissection course.

Following completion of the intake course, ICOT alumni return to their respective countries with a commitment to be educational leaders in their countries. These ICOT alumni have subsequently organized educational symposia in their countries under the ICOT banner, whereupon US faculty have lectured; instructed in temporal bone courses; and assisted in surgeons in otologic surgery within their operating theaters.

Expanded Vision

We will expand our ICOT Board of Directors to include younger faculty who have consistently participated in our intake programs and who will replace Dr Malcolm Graham and Dr William House who will move to emeritus status. This faculty includes Dr John Dornhoffer, Dr John Li, and Dr John May.

We will expand our corporate sponsorship so that our intake courses can be held more often and in different locations in the USA in addition to Savannah. We will expand our intake courses to include our usual basic course as well as an advanced course, so that our original students, now professors, may return for education in our intake curriculum.

We want to rejuvenate our outreach programs with the enlistment of new faculty, and with the additional use of our non-profit foundation as a tax deductible vehicle for funding these missionary efforts under the ICOT banner. It is hoped that faculty who are currently funding their missions through community organizations such as churches, will donate tax deferred to ICOT which will in turn reimburse the faculty for their outreach expenses.

The ICOT website provides a course book for documentation of all ICOT sponsored intake and outreach educational symposia. Each course is documented in the form of a photo album and brief written summary of the event by the course organizer. The course book allows us to share our global mission with our colleagues and record these efforts in perpetuity.

The ICOT website also provides for a consultative forum for ICOT alumni to address clinical questions or present interesting cases for our ICOT faculty to comment upon or discuss.