AllHear Mission

Belize 2020

The AllHear hearing health mission to Belize 2020 was just completed Feb 3-7, 2020 in collaboration with Project Smile and Christ Church Episcopal. We saw over 100 patients and dispensed 91 free hearing aids to those in need. Many thanks to our sponsors who made this possible: MD Hearing, Unitron, Rejoice Hearing, Charley Feeley, Susan Tornblum, Doug Breaker, Paul Bryant, and Jason Jue. We hope to return next year!

Belize 2017

This was the second AllHear hearing aid mission to Belize, and this time we focused upon adults rather than children. Once again we worked alongside the dental mission, Project Smile, organized by Steve Acuff and supported by Christ Church Episcopal of Savannah. This year AllHear fitted 100 free hearing aids in Belize. Patients traveled long distances and many hours to hear again. AllHear is grateful for the support of ICOT Hearing Systems for donating the hearing aids for this mission. We hope to increase our efforts in Belize and other developing world countries in the future.

Belize 2014

Each of these donors sponsored a hearing aid for one of the Belize children:

  • Dr. Tina Gwodzdz
  • Dr. Malcolm and Donna Graham
  • Dr. Phillip and Courtney Flexon
  • Bill and Betsy Sutherland
  • Dr. Newton D. Fischer
  • Kel and Nina Landis
  • Dr. Robert Smith
  • Dr. Tom Crews
  • Michael Kleinpeter
  • Dr. John and Kimberly George
  • Dr. David Kellam
  • Dr. Linc Lippincott
  • Dr. Sherman Stevenson
  • Dr. David Maurer
  • Dr. Joseph Bee
  • Dr. Jeffrey Silvera
  • Dr. Don Christian
  • Dr. Karla Hansen
  • Dr. Kandallu Ramesh
  • Dr. Joseph Berger
  • Paul and Fran Hinchey
  • Dr. Mike Hemphill
  • Dr. Harold Pillsbury
  • Dr. Michael and Anita Poole
  • Dr. Kent Woo
  • Dr. Guy Petruzzelli
  • Dr. Robert and Virginia Logan
  • Dr. Dan Suh
  • Dr. Wayne Williams
  • Dr. Bob Johnson
  • Dr. David Oliver
  • Dr. Fred Kuhn
  • Dr. Chris Melroy
  • Jason and Meghan Jue